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Let’s Look Behind the Cloud of the #ontsm Tag

There is a wonderful opportunity for Learners and Learning lingering behind this visual representation of participants who used the #ontsm Twitter tag over the past 60 hours or so. Dig into the conversations and tweets, and join into the conversation yourself.  While this cloud capture image was made last night, there’s a whole related, yet […]

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Broten: Oxymorons, Verbs, and Grammar

January 3rd, 2013 was a sad day for Ontario Educators, for Education, and for the democratic rights of Ontarians. Kudos to Dave Lanovaz (@DaveLanovaz on Twitter) for posting his open letter to the Premier of Ontario on his blog Thursday morning. Check out the conversations in the 65 comments posted there in the last 36 hours. […]

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The Day Without Technology

My youngest son and I had an interesting conversation this past Sunday as we were leaving the arena after his speed skating practice.  Rather than sitting in the bleachers fiddling with my iPhone as I am usually wont to do, I had instead just completed 20 exercise laps (walking) around the perimeter of the rink. […]

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Unplug’d 2011: Unplugging to Connect

by Andrew Forgrave and Kim Crawford Central to Unplug’d was the notion of leaving the Internet behind. Various thoughts on connecting, unplugging, and focusing attention have started to emerge. What did it feel like to unplug? Kim: I didn’t have far to go from ‘plugged’ to ‘unplugged’. I scaled back my online presence a year ago.  Since then […]

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The Bricked-In School Box

Outside, like a knowing parent, patient and amused, the Experience of Life glides around the bricked-in school-box. Inside, sequestered, we struggle to learn, isolated from Truth, in our compartments, with our Rules. Walls of brick and mind dividing us from It. “This IS the real world.” They say. In a long-faded comic book, the bare-footed […]

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Ontario #edCamp

April 18th, 2015 • edCampHamilton
Hamilton, ON • @edCampHam
April 25th, 2015 • HigherEdCamp
Toronto, ON @HigherEDcamp
May 9th, 2015 •edCampIsland
Manitoulin Island, ON • @Manitoulin_Ed

Ontario #edCamp

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